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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Tudor Apothecary Shop Further Progress

OK, the small set of steps is done, and the lavabo has been installed. As well, the roof is cut out and ready for the openings to be cut for the dormer windows on the front (right side in this photo) wall.
The original design has the dormers flush with the edge of the roof; however, my carpenter-in-chief would prefer them to be a little higher on the roof. Well, he is the one who has to do that cutting, so that's what we'll try!

That's it for right now, I went to a Pipe & Drum Corps ceilidh this evening and my head is kind of dull; bagpipes in an enclosed space can be quite deafening!

(When I went to preview this post, the computer had created a paragraph break that I didn't want. Why do computers do that? Is this thing trying out for Artificial Intelligence status?)

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