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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Tudor Apothecary Shop Progress Report

Well, all the cabinetry in the house has been refinished, so now it is back to the Apothecary Shop. The roof was put together today, and the various clamps and bits of tape are still visible in the photos. The chimney separated from the roof after a fall, so that has had to be re-fixed into place as well. By Sunday (tomorrow) things ought to be dry enough to work on again.

Could have stood a bit of cropping! The plaster and woodwork on the upper gable are done and dry, they will be aged when the back gable is done. The back of the chimney needs to be bricked, now that the roof filler is in place that will be the next job. The chimney needs some lead flashing too, I will try the old lead tape for that.

The roof louvers are in place; they need flashing, as well as the edge where the chimney meets the roof edge, before I install the "slate" strips. On the left in the background is a corner of the Tudor house, previously photographed for the blog.

The chimney end, with the wide roof overhang. This needs timber and plaster, as well as trim on the edges. I'm trying to decide whether to use a strip of embossed wood framing to cover the join of the removable roof portion and the building, or whether to go with just plain wood; this join is extra wide because the roof will remain removable for ease of transport. The extra width is not noticeable under the overhang on the side, but will also be visible on the open gable end.  I'll have to see what is available in the local woodworking stores - we aren't in a very big city, and do not have a great deal of choice!

The back of the building is very plain, and will rarely be visible; it is currently painted in a textured  finish, and will eventually have to be the access point for the lighting. Some of the re-finished cabinetry is also visible, doesn't it look nice now!

Two days are currently available for the Apothecary Shop, then I have to finish up some quilted place mats. They will match the runner just visible in the top photo. We need spring colour - February and March tend to be the worst months for the winter blues for most of us in the north. Two to three more months of winter before the trees begin to leaf out and the bulbs come out. We aren't frost-free here until the end of May....

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