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Thursday, 2 October 2014

A Little More Paint

Tuesday was my "day off" after camp, to unpack and toss stuff in the laundry, and catch up with what had piled up while I was away. Wednesday I stained the floor of the lamp vignette, and painted in the brickwork. That was interesting, as I used some donated Paperclay for the uprights, and made the hearth bricks out of balsa wood scrap; pieces of veneer left over from many years ago made the floor boards. The hearth turned out quite well, despite the different surfaces.

It all looks too clean, of course, so the next step is to dirty up the floor, walls and hearth area. I would like to create the illusion of a fire in the very shallow hearth, so that is my next challenge to myself.
No mini work today, it was my weekly day of volunteer work; hopefully, tomorrow I will get some more done on this vignette.