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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

...And I Thought I'd Be Back By Now

Well, I'm not yet completely back; the family wedding - my youngest daughter - happened mid-September. Now, we have to get ready to move her from the east coast of Canada, to the foot of the Rocky Mountains near the US border.

I have been to a meeting of FAME, and have also seen the projects people put together at Camp MiniHaHa this year. The campers very kindly sent me a care package of quite a few of this year's tidbit gifts, for which I am very grateful. Next year's project is a modern cabin, rather intriguing, as it lends itself to quite a few possibilities. So, I will start saving my pennies, and hopefully I will get back to camp in 2018.

Our next event as a mini club is to attend the model railroad show locally; this happens in early December, and I will have to get cracking to electrify my club project, so it can be displayed with the other interpretations of it. I had hoped to make some autumn/winter flowers for it, but that is still having to wait a bit.I need a clone or two or a hundred of me to do all the things I want to do!