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Monday, 18 March 2013

Cacthing Up Once Again, Almost Back to Normal!

Though I would leave you with this photo, of the project we did two years ago at Camp MiniHaHa. We decorated and painted the pre-made box, which had a base coat, did the interior finish as well as the exterior, laid the floor, and made the cupboard on top of the box, as well as the table and chair.

As I am a great admirer of Janet Brownhill (Country Treasures, UK), I wanted to do a very crowded kitchen in her style, so I made the large hutch in the box, and designed and made the kitchen sink and storage underneath, as well as the plate rack on the wall, to match the other pieces. Some of the items in this box I picked up while in Europe in my mini dream holiday a year ago; others come from my stash of items I've both made and items I've purchased, from artisans whose work I particularly admire.

There is Jane Graber and Sam Dunlop pottery, Janet Brownhill preserves, and many gifts and tidbit items I received over the years at camp. The box is lit with a battery-operated LED light made from a lucite bead and brass tubing. The scene outside the window is a photo I cut out of an article on Tasha Tudor, long a champion of doll's houses, a photo of her house and garden in the autumn.

The next entry won't come until April, as we have a wedding out west to attend. I will also get to meet a couple of miniaturists I have come to "know" through the international miniaturist site, The Camp, and view their minis. Can't wait.

Once I return, it is back to minis as my hand is working almost as good as it used to, before the accident. I will be left with some arthritis symptoms, but the fingers are almost all moving as well as before. The bad ones, my right ring and little finger, can be worked around.

Thank you for sticking with me during my hiatus, mini friends!