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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Tudor Apothecary Shop Pretty Much Done...

...and the construction of the roof has begun. Today I spent aging and dirtying the plaster and bricks. We are in the middle of a blizzard, on top of the 320 cm (nearly 10 ft) of snow we've already had this winter, we are expecting 20-40 cm (8-16") more today and overnight, along with very high winds. So I am doing this post before the inevitable power outages.

It's looking as I hoped. Next I have to put the stone on both sets of steps. I am trying to figure out how to do that, as my instructions are for paper clay and I am using cellulose clay. They are basically the same thing, but the clay I use doesn't adhere to itself as the paper clay apparently does. This means glue. This means I have to be very careful as wood glue will affect the paint washes. So I have to think about it a little. The chimney cap worked out, which means the chimneys are also in place now. But I have to dirty the chimney a bit, all that wood smoke and soot is bound to create stains.

The shelf and slab for the lavabo are ready to install; again, something to think about. The slab will sit level with the brick foundation course, while the little shelf for the barrel will be on the wooden beam above that. Glue alone won't do, I think I will have to use a couple of nails.

The lavabo components are sitting on the steps. This was supposed to be a better shot of the end wall, but I guess I shifted too much! Adding beaming to the end wall has meant adding onto the roof as well; it needs to overhang the wall to be realistic, so although it was cut to size as per instructions, we are adding strips to it to expand the size. All the additions should be well hidden under the terra-cotta tiles, eventually. Cans of stewed tomatoes are weighing down the addition to the roof, just to the right of the shop box. Heavy cans make the best weights!

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