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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Tudor Apothecary Shop Progress Report

The beams and window and door linings are in place; the shutters are glued and clamped and ready to stain and paint on Friday. We are having a serious winter storm; the whole city pretty much shut down today, including the universities and the art school. It was unsafe to travel to Kings Landing for my volunteer job today, they shut down as well as their employees come from all over the country areas hereabouts. Tomorrow it is supposed to clear. Then we have a few days of good weather, but beginning Monday another winter storm is on the way.

One good thing is that I can get lots of building work done! After the shutters and door are ready to install, I can do the plaster work. I just hope I have enough, and don't have to head into the city to buy more before the roads are cleared for driving....

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