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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Tudor Apothecary Workshop and Shop Building in Progress

With the Apothecary Workshop pretty much finished, I've begun work on the adjoining Apothecary Shop proper. The building is pretty much held together by friction and a few screws at this early point, but you can get an idea of what it will eventually look like. The little gap between the two shops will be filled in by a beam. This is the two units in the closed position; the back adjoining walls move with the aid of a piano hinge.

This is what they will look like (eventually!) when swung open for "playing" with the shops. They are going to sit on a base, with the right-hand unit fixed and the left-hand unit, the workshop, able to swing  open on the hinge. The front wall by the larger set of steps is the wall that remains removable, allowing access to the interior of the shop. The roof of the right-hand unit is lower than the roof of the left-hand one, and with a different roof colour and shutter paint, they will look like two adjoining buildings on a street. If only I could put all the Tudor structures in a street-type display! But I'd probably have to add a room onto the house for that....
The smaller set of steps appears to float because it will fit over the floor of the workshop when the two units are swung closed. The raised base of the shop unit will be bricked, the rest of it will be beamed and plastered, with red and white shutters and a red tile roof. The attic area will have two dormer windows, so I think this will be the living area with the area over the workshop being a study or a sleeping area.
This will be another longish project; lots of beams and outside plaster, a cobbled courtyard, stone steps, an outside lavabo and bucket that also has to fit into the workshop when the units are closed, lots of sorting out concepts and thinking. The ceiling beams for the shop should be in place sometime tomorrow.

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