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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tudor Apothecary Shop Further Progress Report

It's been a good couple of days for getting things done. The door is in, and the shutters are complete with their ropes and cleat.

In the closed position, all you see are a couple of knots in the inside corners. The cleat is the top of a decorative toothpick, so I don't know how long it will last! If it breaks too easily, I will re-think the cleat system I picked. To open the shutters, I just insert my hand in the side door opening and take the loops off the cleat.

My daughter suggested putting a snoozing cat on one of the shutters; great idea, now I have to find just the right sleeping cat. I think there is one available out there that would have its paw hanging over the edge, kind of like our family cat likes to do.

And here is the side door, the one that opens into the workshop from the shop. It is just a door opening, it won't get a real door. The cleat holding the ropes of the shutters is visible on the front edge, through the open doorway. The plaster has been applied, it is quite wet in this photo and looks gray.

Next I have to build the lavabo; this is a shelf with a barrel with a stop-cock on it, which would be filled with fresh water. Below that will be a little shelf, on which my apothecary can set the jar or bowl being filled. From the workshop, this little water fountain would be easily accessible to the apothecary to mix into medicines. I am trying to decide whether my apothecary should be male or female....

Then there is the outer wall to beam and plaster, the one that will at some point be the end of the eventual apothecary garden, and following that I will do the brick foundations. In my stash of stuff I found a bundle of orange roof tiles, hopefully there will be enough to at least cover the front roof of the shop. I need to find more cardboard for ridge tiles for at least four of my buildings that have never had their ridges covered, because I just wasn't sure how it was done, as well as for finishing the remainder of the shop roof.

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  1. Keep up the good work it's looking good.
    More fun making as much as you can.