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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tudor Apothecary Shop Attic and Roof

The last few days have consisted of lots of little jobs being done on various components of the Apothecary Shop, which have finally come together in a way worth photographing.

The dormer windows have been installed, the steps have been painted, and the roof is being tiled. Once again this is a long-term job, as each course needs to dry before I can do the next one - both ends are absolutely flush, so clamps are useless. On the right edge, I am leaving extra tile as there will be beams and plaster there; this is the gable over the eventual apothecary garden.

The planked floor in the attic on this side is a different shade from that of the workshop, to add some variety. Once things are dry, the little tie-beam lying on the floor will be installed in the apex of the roof. The base of this side of the shop is still raw wood, as I have to decide what colour to paint it once the whole thing is sitting on its base. The base is intended to look like a courtyard when the buildings are opened, and will likely have stone slab flooring or cobbles. That is a decision for the future.

This will be the last report for a few days, as some of us are heading off to a show on the weekend. The Tudor Apothecary Workshop and Shop are going along, although the shop end is not quite finished, but people can get an idea of what the finished product will look like - I hope! I am looking forward to viewers' comments, and who knows, perhaps I'll pick up some items to go into the project too.

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