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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Back from the Show

...and I didn't buy anything miniature! However, I did get some building components like turned wood pieces, hinges and so forth, which will be turned into miniatures one of these days. There were some plant-making items like flocking and flower pots as well. Someone was getting rid of a large collection of bits and pieces, and I got a small share of it. I am trying to be good and not accumulate all kinds of things that I have no projects on the go for...

Turns out I am not able to sleep that well in strange beds any more; I expect I am too used to my fairly hard mattress and ancient feather pillow. Anyways, I am still tired from the trip, which included a 5 hr. drive both ways on roads that are very badly affected with pot-holes, normal for early spring in any northern part of our continent. Good thing we didn't lose any tires, or hit any deer foraging around and through clearings alongside the Trans-Canada Highway.

Now it's on to producing some new stock for the next show, which takes place the first Saturday of May. That is only a 2 hr. drive away and a 1-day show, and I'm hoping the pot-holes will have been filled a bit by then. This means it may be a bit quiet on this blog for the rest of April, although I will post photos of things I manage to make.

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