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Friday, 22 May 2020

More Flowers

We had another virtual mini meeting this afternoon, and I made some dark red chrysanthemums, which are destined for Floralia's autumn window. The paper was painted with artist's quality markers, in 3 closely related shades to give some depth to the flowers.

Yesterday, I tried a new way of making marguerites, and they turned out quite nice. However, darn it, I opened a new packet of floral wire that I think I got in the UK years ago, but the paper wrapping around the wire is very fragile! You can see it gathering like wrinkly stockings in the photo. In the future, I'll have to glue the paper when I cut the wire; that means the wire will be a bit thicker, which means it may well catch up on the holes in the flowers. Bah! Patience is really not my strong suit.

I'd like to make some deeper colour flowers for the autumn window, and may try bronzey-orange for the next pot of mums. In my Real-Life garden, the pale daffodils have come out in full glory, and the tiny pheasant eye primulas below them are looking glorious too; they have really spread, and the two patches I have currently may become four patches next year. A group of deep purple-red primroses opened in the perennial bed today; all my primulas and primroses come from the local botanical society annual sale. This year they are hoping to have an on-line sale, and I should really order a few more primroses.


  1. I love the look of the flora soft in the middle of the marguerites, Marijke. It looks so very realistic. Also really like the partly opened one which add so much to the realism.

  2. So beautiful! Makes me want to start making flowers but alas, I am stuck on mini cakes and the gut clenching realization that I need A LOT more practice!!!

    1. I just wish they made a working miniature pastry tube to do the fancy stuff with!

  3. Your chrysanthemums turned out FAB! I LOVE the colour gradations of them as well as the look of the daisies!