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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Tidbits from Camp MiniHaHa 2015

At the miniaturists' meeting last evening, I picked up yet another bag of goodies, this time the tidbits, from Camp MiniHaHa. Every camper who participates brings a small gift item for all the other campers, and at lunch every day, a bag of goodies appears besides our plates. We can't open these until we have eaten, however!

These are all book-related; a set of nautical bookends, a stamp pad and a pad of book plates, a desk-top book shelf, three books (two in leather covers), and a key, a set of giraffe bookends, a laser-cut book stand, which has the Camp MiniHaHa logo on it, a set of piggy bookends, and a rare book display case, ready to be painted to the recipients' choice. I am definitely going to have to make another steam punk room box to hold all the overflow!

These items are study or work area related; a tiny radio, a display mineral sample, a tiny painting of a real Canadian light house in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia,  and two desk blotters; one with a crossword puzzle ready to go, while the other is for writing letters. Somewhere between the upstairs and the downstairs of my house, I have managed to mislay a gold desk set, with an ink well, plume  pen, sand and pumice shakers; I suspect the cat found it, and I will find it under a chair or something. It should still be in the little plastic bag....

And there was food for the body as well as for the soul and mind; a bottle of wine, glass of milk, cupcakes on a lacy cloth, a mug with the Camp logo on it, a display of pastries, and a quart of fresh blueberries; the latter was my tidbit contribution. The person who gave the mug also gave a key ring with the camp logo on it, as well as a nice saying about miniaturists.

And some lovely miscellaneous gifts; a carpet, two picture frames and two decorative wall details, a set of metal house numbers, a tiny doll, and on the card, because a breath would blow it away, a very tiny bookmark with a tiny tassel on its end! One thing which I did not show, because it is very large, is a piece of gray leather; as I also collect a few dolls, I shall have to go into the shoe-making business. If I could learn to skive leather (thin it out from the back), I could use it to upholster mini furniture. Maybe some day someone will demonstrate that for me!

I already know where most of these tidbit gifts will go, there are so many projects that I've done or am doing that they will go into beautifully.

With some more instructions, which I received last night also, I am going back to try and work on my large camp project; the backdrop for the photos was the gator board insert that goes inside the book fa├žade of the project. Now I have to fit that into the hollowed-out books, to see if any adjustments need to be made. Stay tuned!

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  1. Son unos regalos preciosos!!!
    Adelante con tu proyecto!!