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Monday, 12 October 2015

More Kensington Stuff

It's been a busy Thanksgiving weekend here; I've tried to sort out some of my stuff, which is spread all over the place, and tried to work on minis as well. I haven't been very successful at either....

I began mixing polymer clays today to make a variety of cheeses, both to replenish my sales stock and as part of a special request. There are some pears ready to go into the oven, but they will have to wait for the cheeses and breads, so I can bake the lot in one go. It seems to be taking longer to mix and soften the clay; perhaps my hand muscles are out of practice!  In the meantime, I thought I'd share another batch of Kensington Dollshouse Festival purchases.

I picked up three kits from True2Scale, for a chocolate mold, a pair of Christmas cookie tins, and a mold for soaps. The first two are for my planned Christmas market stall; the latter will make shell-shaped soaps to go into my Provencal perfumery shop. I haven't begun to play with them yet, as the market stall still has to be designed and built, and I kind of got carried away with steam punk stuff and haven't gone back to further stock the scent shop. The soaps will be housed in a piece of furniture that still has to be built too.

As well, I bought a round basket kit from Ruth Moe; at Camp MiniHaHa three years ago, I was lucky to receive this kit in a Yankee swap (it goes by any number of other names, too). Anyways, this is a sort of game, in which you pick out a gift based on a number you picked; the people who pick after you can then take your gift from you, if they want it. And someone who picks after them, can then take that gift away again. Long story short, I won/lost/won/lost the kit, and when I saw the very same thing at Kensington, I just had to have it. It will likely become an embroidery basket, someday.

There is one more photo of acquisitions that I will share with you; tomorrow is the FAME meeting, at which I will be picking up my CMHH tidbit gifts, and I am really looking forward to going through the bag of goodies. I will also go back to working with polymer clay tomorrow, as I would really like to have the cheese and bread items finished; other things are calling out for my attention!

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  1. Que buen fin de semana!! los kits de True2Scale son muy bonitos y espero ver pronto los resultados,seguro que te quedarĂ¡n geniales!!!