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Saturday, 3 October 2015

The 2015 Camp MiniHaHa Project Components

I picked up the components for my kit on Friday afternoon, and unpacked them and looked at them. Help! I am going to need a lot of it, from my friends who went to camp; this one is hard to figure out, without instructions. They have promised to show me how to do it. So here they are:

This is going to be the outside of the vignette: the books are upside-down, because they came pre-hollowed; there are no pages in the bottom at all.

This is the inside, also upside-down. The book sections will need to be glued together, then a box has to be built to go inside them, the actual room box. My greatest fear is cutting the opening for the window through those wonderful book spines. I am not very good with power tools....

And here is the rest of the kit; 10 lights, lots of foam core and a piece of cardboard, 2 windows and a window blank, little wooden pieces, and a metal piece which might be a battery. Oh boy, now to figure out where everything goes. The first thing I have to do is build the inner box, out of the foam core pieces.

So you can all follow my efforts, I will post progress photos on the blog. This could take a while, but we are all hoping to have our versions finished for early December, when we intend to display them at a local hobby show. Five local people have started out with the same components, but the end results will all be very different.

In the meanwhile, we have begun planning for next year's camp.

In the next few days, I will also post photos of some of the gifts I got in the gift exchange. The people who attend the camp, whether beginners or "old pro's",  are marvellous miniaturists.....

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  1. Es un proyecto precioso!!! Estoy segura que lograrás realizarlo con ayuda de tus amigas y pronto podrás enseñarnos la escena que con esos elementos has realizado,ánimo y a por ello!!!