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Friday, 2 October 2015

Floral Creation for Camp MiniHaHa

My gift exchange item for Camp MiniHaHa this year was the floral arrangement above; I made 6 of them, and kept one for myself, although it is in a different container.

The pillar is a  plastic cake pillar, painted in off-white and gently aged. The floral arrangement was inspired by an arrangement outside my workroom window, which included impatiens in pink and white, purple lobelia, dusty miller and trailing greenery. I borrowed from another garden arrangement, and included a dracaena and geranium plants.

The dracaena is made from dollar store grass; this comes in several colours when it is available, and cuts very nicely with sharp scissors. You can also use your scissors blade to gently curve the plastic leaves.The lobelia is glued on reindeer moss to represent its foliage, while the impatiens is glued on clump foliage from a model railroad store; I believe this is dyed synthetic sponge. It crumbles nicely from the large chunks the store supplies it in, allowing you to shape it to fit your container and your flowers. The trailing leaves are glued onto glue-stiffened embroidery thread; I had tried wire, and it just looked far too stiff.

My tidbit items went to camp, so I will have no photo until I get one of them back in my own tidbit bag, which is with another local camper, another day. I am meeting with a fellow camper from my city, who is bringing my exchange gift items and the kit for this year's project for me. She is also hoping to bring her version of the project - I have mentioned several times that we all start with the same idea, but we all end up with very different projects - for me to have a look at.

I am eager to get started on making my steam punk vision a reality!

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  1. Es un arreglo floral precioso,con esos tonos tan suaves!!!