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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Last of the Kensington Stuff

This photo will be the end of the Kensington Dollshouse Festival purchases.

A set of hinges is for a Tudor door, and I have forgotten where I got them, unfortunately (perhaps Black Country Ironworks). The shelf signs, and cookie and biscuit tins, along with some wooden platters (not shown), came from Janet Brownwell, whose stuff I really like a lot. The roll at the top is lead tape, no longer available here in Canada - it is considered unhealthy, because it is lead. However, it cuts beautifully with a sharp knife to make super leading for Tudor windows, and I am careful. And the last is a very elaborate pewter bracket for a sign; I am sure I will find a good use for that.

There are some printables available on the internet for the "naked" cookie tins, so I will look these up one of these days. My polymer clay work is not done, hopefully by early next week it'll be good to photograph. There is a good variety of cheese ready to varnish, and some pears, but I didn't get to the bread and I need still more cheeses. Blending the clay is proving a tad painful to my stupid shoulder, so I have to rest for a day to prevent more problems.

 For the next few days, leading up to the Canadian national elections on October 19th, I will be out being political, so I will probably be absent from the blog until Tuesday. We are expecting some early snow flurries over the weekend, and I will likely be outdoors delivering flyers to mailboxes....

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  1. Unos artículos muy interesantes!!!
    Estoy deseando ver tus quesos y peras!!! Ten cuidado con el hombro y descansa estos días!!