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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Finished a U.F.O. and Auditioning Walls and Floors

The steam punk items are increasing: the piles of lumber in the foreground are two bookcases, which I will put together once I have the insert for the Steam Punk vignette made. Although there is 8 1/2" of clearance (24 cm) in the plan, I am concerned that if I build them now, they may have to be taken apart to fit!

For the wallpaper, I've chosen an antiqued script letter. This will appear above wall panelling, and should be quite effective. The flooring will be the brown and tan harlequin print; nice and dull in colour, but with a somewhat lively pattern. It was also in the back of my mind that paper won't add any appreciable thickness to the floor.

A post or so back, I mentioned a kit for a book and magazine rack, made of mahogany, created by Cheryl Kerfoot (well-known Canadian miniaturist). The kit went together like a dream, no problems whatsoever; it still needs to be varnished, though. The 4 magazines and 5 books were part of the kit. This should look good somewhere in the vignette. My hope is to make a bay window, in order to give me a bit of display space, for items like this. And bonus, I finished a UFO (Unfinished Object).

In my stash I have another small bookshelf, with a tilted shelf. I hope to find space for it in the vignette as well. And I do have some books made, but I have to make many, many more....

However, for the next few days, I have to work on items for the tidbits and gift exchange for Camp MiniHaHa in 3 weeks. The tidbits should be done tonight; that just leaves the gift exchange, for which I have an idea, just need to make a prototype to see if it is do-able.

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