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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Panelled Wall

Thanks to a dadasdollhouse tutorial, I was able to produce pretty good wall panelling from cardboard packaging. I caught the recycling just before the truck picked it up! The tutorial panelling was painted white and then antiqued, but I wanted darker Victorian colours and chose to go with a warm brown colour.

The first paint coat was terra cotta brushed on, then dark burnt umber dry-brushed on followed by a sponging with a coarser sea sponge, in the same shade. Following that, I used a small sea sponge and antique gold; once that was dry, I brushed all over with a watered-down brown iron oxide wash to tone everything down. The last coat was satin varnish.

The colour I was aiming at was close to the cherry stain I used on the book cart; I think it came very close. This method of creating panelling for a vignette that won't be much played with once it is done, is really inexpensive (except in terms of time!), and quite effective. Dadasdollhouse has a lot of really good furnishing tutorials, all made with recycled cardboard packaging. The instructions are provided in both the original Italian and an English translation. I will likely use this method again and again, and will be going back to try some of the other tutorials she provides. There is even an upright piano, complete with candelabras either side of the keyboard, made from recycled cardboard packaging!

I am still making books.....

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