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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Short Interlude from Miniatures

It's been busy  here lately with developing and then making my tidbit and exchange gift items for CMHH this year, photos of which I'll post just before I leave for camp. I'm especially pleased with the gift exchange items, as they came out exactly as I hoped they would. For the next couple of days, I have to finish a pair of small quilting projects (put aside as mini ideas came bubbling out of my subconscious), as our guild meetings are starting up again on Tuesday. Once those are done, it will be back to minis, as I would like to get as much as possible done before I head off for Camp MiniHaHa on Sept. 23.

One of the projects I'd like to tackle ahead of time, is creating a bay display window for the altered books vignette we'll be making, which will require some research on the internet - or is that wasting time, as I'm likely to get distracted by other things I'll come across? If anyone can direct me to a good bay window tutorial, you may just save me hours of looking....

There are about a hundred book covers waiting to be made into books. I get a little too much "help" from the cat, who insists on lying down right on top of whatever I'm trying to do; glue sticks, tiny book covers and their insides and cat fur just don't mix. She is on my lap right now, and objects every time my typing hands touch an ear tip.

Back soon!

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