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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Books, Books, and Still More Books

Yeah, today I went back to minis and here are just some of the books required for my Camp MiniHaHa vignette this year. I do hope there will be lots of books in the tidbits to help me fill the shelves in my antique book, print and map shoppe. And just to fill shelves up, I also made some faux books, which will go on bottom shelves, at least until I can make "real" books to fill things up.

This morning I made over 40 balsa books with painted page edges; some gold, some red, and some white. Then I did a bunch of mat board books; these are more modern, and may eventually move into a nursery shop I need to finish up. The thing is that I need books with spine titles, as they are mostly packed onto shelves, and a lot of the nice printies available free on the internet have no titles....

I have at least another 75 or so covers ready to glue onto "pages", plus a book stand to finish. I may do the latter tonight; tomorrow is my volunteer work day, which means no minis, as there won't be time.

Guess I'll make up some more mat board books until I get tired of gluey fingers.

Not all the books are homemade; I was given some books by friends, and they will also go into the vignette. Most of this lot, however, was made by me. I think I must be crazy!

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