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Friday, 18 September 2015

Lectern and Medieval Book and Pamphlet

It's dark, and the flash was not quite as good as I had hoped. Anyways, I made up a lectern stand, and found a kit I had forgotten about, for an illuminated medieval book and pamphlet. The book is open on the stand, while the pamphlet is on the little fretwork stand, now sitting on top of the book truck.
The stand and small bookshelf are painted and stained, and I used a metallic gel pen to draw a design on the print holder.

One of the sets of books I was given is a set of 10 non-printed books, with the most gorgeous gold spine titles and decorations. They should look good in the vignette. Another gift set is the series of Harry Potter novels; for now, they will go into the vignette, but they may move to the nursery shop when I get it finished.

No minis tomorrow, as I have other things that need doing all day. I hope to get back to minis on Sunday.


  1. El atril con el libro se ve muy bien,resulta perfecto para la escena!!!

  2. Nice work! They all look beautiful together.