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Saturday, 29 August 2015

More Steampunk Stuff

So late yesterday, I added the map holder and the print file to the stuff for my steam punk project. The map holder was fairly easy to make; a printed map on cardstock, scored, glued and folded. Then I added trim bands at the top and bottom, and trimmed that further with a strand of gold thread. A small block of balsa wood in the bottom keeps everything in shape.

The print file is not my best work!  I followed very sketchy instructions, and of course the angle of the legs didn't fit the holder. So I couldn't glue the legs on; I added the wire spreader to keep everything sort of steady, but the file just sits loosely in the legs. Oh well, hopefully in the vignette the uneven legs won't be quite so visible! The legs are wood, cross-halved and then glued and drilled for the wire. The file itself is mat-board, lined with the lining from my credit card statement, and the outside painted black. Now I need to pick up a gold fine-line pen, to do some decorative work on the file.

I'm really happy with the map holder, though! The maps are printed on paper, rolled over a knitting needle and tied with coarse white cotton thread. Until the next installment!

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  1. Me gusta mucho como te ha quedado,el mapa es perfecto!!