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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Dollshouse Nasturtium Plants

I'm fairly pleased with this nasturtium plant, growing in a broken chimney pot (very English country garden!), for a first attempt. It's a bit too static for my tastes; it should be bushier, somehow. The plant is based on the real one I have growing on my front steps, although that one is in a low pot. (See below.)

The blossoms were shaped by dampening them and forcing them into foam meat tray, and then left to dry thoroughly. Then they have to be opened out again, each petal rounded out from the back and then flattened somewhat on the front; as you can see, the real thing has two petals at the top and three on the bottom, with a sort of crease across the centre of the blossom.

When I do up a bunch for the Tudor apothecary garden, I'll go with the bushier or perhaps the climbing form of these flowers. I might also add more leaves to the plant in the broken chimney pot, to try and get a more rounded form. The actual flowers have a spur at the back of them, but that is far too fiddly to reproduce in miniature. I also have to make the veins finer....

Creating new plants is a matter of trial and error; look at the finished item and see what can be changed to make a more realistic version of the plant next time. At least such small challenges keep my mind active.

Now I have to make up tutorials for a variety of plants our FAME group will be working on Tuesday evening. Stay tuned!