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Friday, 2 January 2015

Paint Drying Is Just Not That Interesting!

The Japanese vignette is on-going; the two house front panels were originally cut from inexpensive left-overs from cabinet construction, and they warped badly. That meant buying a replacement; as the plywood at the lumber store was also warped (!), I opted for MDF. First the fronts were veneered; next, the upper portion had to be sponge-painted to match the other walls of the vignette. Currently, the wood pieces that will form the trim, battens, window framing and window grill are drying from a couple of stain applications.

Tomorrow (Saturday) I hope to apply the faux window opening, frame it and put on the grill. Then the trim strips will go on, and the battens. Next, I have to make the raised floor, and the door frame and window area over top of it. That should keep me busy, and there should then be better photos!

Now if only I could find a tutorial on-line for a Japanese maple tree. If worse comes to worse, I can try to build one using photos as a guide. The tiny Japanese maple in my Real Life garden is bare and trying to cope with an open winter; no nice layer of snow to insulate it so far this winter, so it can't be much help to me until May at the earliest.

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