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Friday, 9 January 2015

Japanese Vignette Showing Some Minor Progress

My camera needs more light for flash photos, and I apologize. There has been some minor progress on the vignette, in that the two house walls are now assembled, and the raised floor has been planked and varnished.

Despite my best efforts, there is still some distortion in the walls; also, the base is slightly warped. My hope is that the winter, and the dry air in the house, are partially responsible! It will, however, be necessary to work with these problems. My story will be that this little house is quite old, something I can emphasize with vines and the like climbing around the walls and fences.

The next step is to glue the walls to the solid floor. Then I can add a single step, and begin work on the casement window that will go along the top between the house walls. Once that is done, the house portion of the vignette will be finished, and I can begin on the garden walls and the gate.

 A couple of years ago, I was able to score small samples of bamboo and grass window blinds, in a wide variety of sizes and colours. These will be transformed into fences and the like. The garden gate is a tall affair with a small roof, rather like a torii gate, but with sliding latticed panels, set aslant the front corner. On either side of this gate are fences, which provide privacy while allowing glimpses into the restful garden. There will also be a small section of fencing jutting out from the larger house wall. I really want to make a moon gate opening in one of these fence sections.

 In front of the larger wall I hope to place a Japanese maple, or perhaps a blossoming cherry tree - I am still deciding how much time I have to give to a tree! I also want to add a basin with a scoop, and if I can find a good spot for it, a deer scarer; something I'd like to have in my own garden, as the deer walk about as if they own it....

If time permits, I hope to do the transom window tomorrow; however, I am out of library books, and I need something to read myself to sleep with. Also, if I go into town, I will likely want to visit a shop or two, so time may again go a-wasting....

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