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Saturday, 24 January 2015

I Am Working, But It's Going So Slowly!

No photo today, as blank-faced dolls with white felt and rosy Fimo limbs are not photogenic. Three Tudor men are ready to paint, dress and wig; the Monk, the Man from the Inn, and the Labourer. In the course of putting things together, I managed to

1. Break the Tudor Lady's neck
2. Break the Monk's breastplate
3. Knock the corner off the Tudor Merchant's ear
4. Make 4 ladies' bodies that are better suited to Hobbitses

So, if there is power tomorrow - we are having another snow storm - I will make 4 new lady bodies and assemble the Tudor Merchant Lady, High Class Lady, Market Lady and the Working Lady.

Until then, I am retiring with a darn good murder mystery under my down duvet.

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