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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Japanese Vignette Progress Report

That was it this morning; the actual coat of stain has dried. This project was abandoned long enough ago that I used the wrong stain on these sections, Ipswich Pine instead of Cherry, so re-staining was necessary. As each coat takes 2 hours to dry, I had to repaint, and wait, and repaint, and wait, and watch time a-wasting. Then I  stained the wrong size of trim pieces; so once again, repaint etc., until some time after 7 p.m. this evening.

Bad photo! However, as you can see the faux window has been installed, although because of all the waiting for stain to dry, I did not get as far as I had hoped. Tomorrow the window bars should go in, as the freshly stained horizontal piece can dry overnight. Then the door posts have to go on, as well as the transom windows over the door opening, that still have to be made. Time to go through my stash to see if there is anything that can pass as shoji paper; otherwise a trip into town is indicated, and I hate to shop on Sundays. As well, there is a snowstorm on its merry way....

The twig is auditioning for the position of Japanese maple; I may have to graft on an extra branch or two, but the overall shape of it is good. It's currently sitting in some modelling clay, but may eventually be planted in the garden.

There really isn't much "house" to be seen beyond the wall; I think all that may fit in the tight space is a shoe rack and perhaps a tiny bench. I'll have to see what the space looks like once the raised floor and the step are in.

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  1. Waiting for paint to dry is the worst. You get yourself going and the shape of the project I will look forward to seeing it progress.