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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Interlude - Dressing the Tudor Merchant

"This is what I have been forced to look like for at least two years; it is high time my dignity was clothed appropriately, don't you think?

"Well, that is somewhat better; I now have some cuffs, a collar, and a pair of sleeves. Keep going, please!


"Now that's more like it, rather suits my obvious dignity . My doublet has skirts, I am wearing a belt, and my money pouch is present. I wish to go to the market, therefore I will need a gown, a hat, and a stick. Think you might be able to keep on going, mistress?"

Well, he had sat around for a very long time. He will get his other clothing soon, plus a head of hair and a beard. The patterns for this clothing have very little in the way of seam allowance, and the working order is very different from what I am used to. There are still 7 more adults to dress for the Tudor market scene, perhaps I will get nice and sticky and give those poor souls at least a body and face this weekend (lots of tacky glue involved in making bodies!). There is at least one woman's outfit ready to be fitted, as Margery from the between-the-wars market (see early posts) started out as a Tudor cook....

The Japanese vignette has to wait until Monday, as I need to go into town and a car is not always available. As I also need to visit the library and the bank, I'll do several things at once after the weekend. Perhaps I can get some adults into the Tudor market scene to control the children and the animals, in the meantime.

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