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Monday, 18 November 2013

Tudor Apothecary Workroom Build - Chimney is On

Not terribly exciting! However, it is a good step forward. Next is bricking the lower story of the workshop cube on the chimney and window wall sides. The original chimney rested on a couple of tiny corbels, which seemed much too small to support all that brick-and-mortar mass; another 12" (30 cm) of chimney are coming with the separate roof, and then there are the chimney pots on top of that. For that reason, I decided a "stone" corbel would look rather more sturdy. Since the workroom is supposed to have Roman provenance, and the Romans built with stone, it is probably authentic.

This photo does show the unpainted colours of the DAS paper clay I use; the upper story used the white version, while the chimney is the terra-cotta. The clay takes paint and colour washes very nicely to make different shades of brick or plaster; that will be done once the whole wall is in place.
I can beam the left edge tonight, while the right beam will be placed to match up with the beam on the window wall. In order to have it look like one large beam on the corner, it will be cut to measure.

Tomorrow I am off for a mini day with two old friends; we haven't all been together for a very long time, as we dealt with various illnesses and participated in family events (two weddings in my case), so I am looking forward to it. As well, I have a quilt guild meeting in the evening, which means no mini-ing until Wednesday. There's still the brick or stone, timbers and plastering of the arch face to do on the side opposite the window wall. The back wall will simply be painted, as it is unlikely to be very visible.

Currently, the walls are screwed into place; Wednesday they will also be glued, prior to the rest of the bricking being installed. Then there will be lots of ageing and painting to be done. I had hoped to have this built before Christmas, and I think I may succeed!

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