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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Tudor Apothecary Workroom Nearly Done....

It would be pretty much done if only I could find the piece of plexiglass I cut to fit into the window opening. I leaded one piece of plexi, but it was the end I had cut the real window off of, and which I mistook for the actual window. Despite having searched everywhere, I can not find the missing piece, and I need it as I am out of large pieces of the stuff. You wouldn't think it would be that hard to find a transparent piece of plastic measuring 4.5 by 2.5", would you?

However, I did take photos so you could see the aging of the outside of the structure, as well as the two sets of window shutters. The first photo is both the chimney wall and the window wall:

The upper edge beams are not glued on as the interior has to remain accessible until we install the lighting. The design on the shutters is one I remember from my childhood in the south of The Netherlands; these were red and white or green and white, and  castle gates and barn doors were often painted in the same hourglass-type design. I thought the workroom needed some colour, and green complements red, so I added a bit of my childhood to the build. I may do the outside of the shop's drop-down shutters in red-and-white, just for variety, as the shop has far less brick and way more plaster. Also, I think this half of the work room and shop combination will get a "slate" roof, again to tone down all that terra-cotta.

The remaining raw MDF edges will be covered in stained, iron-on veneer. The interior hasn't been aged yet, I will do that when I arrange the furniture, as furnishing placement will affect wear on the floor and the walls. That will have to wait for after the holiday season, as I have to get cracking on various items of knitting and embroidery that need finishing, unless the pieces for the roof arrive. Then I will do the roof in between the other handwork!

The cube is up on blocks because it has a buttress on the back corner, to hold it steady when the two hinged buildings are separated to get at the interiors. The other cube, which holds the shop, is fixed to a base which appears like a cobbled courtyard when the two cubes are hinged open, so this "swinging" portion needs a sturdy support.

OK, back to work to see if I can find that blasted piece of missing plexiglass! Considering I started this Nov. 1, 2013 it`s gone nice and quickly, thanks to wanting to have something to share with the people who read my blog.

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  1. I like it a lot! Looking forward to seeing it furnished and decorated. <3