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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Still No Photos, Hard at Work

Today I made the brick for the lower chimney of the Tudor apothecary workshop; it consists of terra-cotta DAS draped over a block of wood, definitely not worth a photo! I also beamed and plastered the upper chimney wall, again not terribly interesting. I'm hoping the chimney bricking will be dry tomorrow, then I can install it and that might be worth a photo. It stretched somewhat as I was gluing it on, but my carpenter-in-residence says it looks good, so I will trust his opinion.

The last couple of days I've been doing a fair bit of internet research in regard to apothecary interiors in the Tudor/Elizabethan era. In the process, I stumbled onto two wonderful blogs, which I will include at the bottom of this post. I do wish I knew how I could create a link from my blog to other blogs I go back to regularly, but as I've said before, I am not much use on the computer....

In the research process I found some wonderful images for Tudor apothecary gardens, which I have duly written down, because I will forget otherwise! There was one delightful vignette, in Real Life size, of a very weathered, small, unpainted bench, with a straw beehive at one end and an old stone sink with plants on the other; no room for people, but the piece is so evocative of age and wear that I will try to reproduce it in miniature when I come to do the garden for the apothecary - next Spring, perhaps. My carpenter suggested the garden, which means he will have to build the basic form for me, right?

The lights for the workshop are also being considered, I hope to get some advice from the people who can supply me with what I need. I want a smouldering fire effect in the brick stove, as well as a candle on the worktable and hopefully, a floor candle-stand to hold 4 or 5 candles. All of them should be LED lights working off a battery, which I can hide under the floor as it is raised an inch or so. LEDs are my favourite, as the batteries really last and they are so very portable, much easier and better as far as I am concerned than lighting on the mains; no need for plug-ins at shows.

So go and visit the blogs below, if you are as interested in Tudor/Elizabethan as I am and enjoy fantasy as well, you will be glad you did! Make a cup of tea and give yourself at least half an hour....

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