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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Another Miniature Carpet - My Favourite Ever

We've just gotten the power back after a 90 min. outage, likely due to the mad rainstorm and wind that blew through around dinner time. As the floor tiles for the Apothecary Workshop haven't dried as yet, and I can't proceed until I tile the floor, I though I'd share my very favourite miniature rug ever with you.
I worked it quite a few years ago, it was then intended to go into the living quarters of my artist's studio. What I love about this little rug is the variation in the colours; the proper word for it is abrash, which is probably Farsi, the language of Persia. Abrash refers to the colour fading caused by the vegetable dyes traditionally used in Persian carpets, mimicked in this little rug by small variations in the red, blue and green colours. The thread used for this was Anchor, which I had to travel far and wide to find; one small general store on the French Shore in Digby County, NS was the only place then carrying it in the Canadian Maritimes. I photographed it against my Real Life hardwood floor, which complements the colours wonderfully; they glow like jewels.
Sadly, I can't remember where I found the chart for this rug, nor who the designer was; I should dearly love to see more of her work, and acquire more if it is anything like this little rug. I believe the chart was in one of the three UK miniature magazines, at least ten years ago.
This little carpet may be too grand for an artist's studio; that is why it is currently kind of homeless. I really need to make a setting for it to show off the wonderful colours. Perhaps once I finish up the many UFO's currently occupying space in my workroom it will finally find a home!
Tomorrow, hopefully, I can get back to the Apothecary Workroom; the back wall needs to be plastered, but it has to be done with space left for the brick stove and the stove hood, as well as the decorative "marble" moulding holding up the bricked vault. The stove hood and corbels for it also need to be placed, with screws and glue as they are quite heavy, before I brick the lower walls. And, of course, I have to place the chimney and decide on places for wiring to go. The brickwork will likely take a good stretch of time to sculpt, too. The particular brand of paper clay I use, DAS, has an alcohol-type smell, and it gets to me after I've been working with it for more than an hour or so.

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  1. This is beautiful! I love it and my daughter's name is Jewels too. :)