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Monday, 25 November 2013

Tudor Apothecary Workroom - Brickwork Is Finished

All the brickwork is in place, the grout has been painted in, and the bricks have had a colour-wash to vary the terra-cotta a bit. As well, the very white exterior plaster has been toned down a bit with a dirty water wash. Next is the aging process; greenish along the bottom where the damp has come up, brownish under the wood where weathering has taken place, and dirt and discolouring on the plaster-work as the building has been around for quite a long time; it's been a few years since it was last lime-washed....

Some of the corner beams have still to be cut and fit into place, and the window and shutters are the next thing to do after the aging.  Once the cube is done, it will get its roof. That will lead to sore fingers, as I will have to cut a kilometre or so of cardboard tiles for both this roof and the roof of the apothecary shop building I hope to start in the New Year. I cut left-handed using right-handed scissors, and I need to take regular breaks when cutting roof tiles.

 Over the weekend my daughter had a friend visiting, and the friend kindly and patiently uploaded my Christmas vignette to the Miniwiki Advent Calendar; do check it out, the first Sunday of Advent is this weekend. One page opens each day; some are just eye candy, like mine, I hope, while others are instructions on how to create mini Christmas items. People add things from all over the world, it is well worth visiting.

Now I will relax with a little TV - providing I can find something worthwhile to watch! It is too dark to do aging on the structure, to do that properly I need daylight.

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