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Friday, 15 November 2013

Rehabbing a Few Older Projects

The Tudor Apothecary is off to one side for the next few days, while I hem rugs, sew and stuff cushions, and do a bit of rehabbing on my Christmas vignette. This will be on the Miniwiki Advent Calendar this year (come h**l or high water!) and needed some tiny items re-glued or re-waxed into place, as well as some lighting changes and the like. As I want to debut it on the Miniwiki, I'm holding off photographing it at the moment.

I'm in the mood to do a Christmas market stall, as I have quite a bit of Christmas stuff to go into it already, and it would be a great excuse to try some other small Christmas projects to fill it. A few years ago my husband and I spent Christmas in Bremen, Germany, where his sister and her husband live. While there, we visited the Christmas market, and what a feast for the eyes that was! Not to mention the scents, of gingerbread, hot cider, pancakes and gluhwein.

My stall would not be restricted to any one product, like gingerbread or straw ornaments or wooden decorations, but would sell a little bit of everything. This has led me to go back to my magazines to try and find a suitable stall; it needs to have a back with shelves, a roof and a front display area or counter. And it can't be too "different", as it will eventually have to share space with my between-the-wars market setting. I haven't been able to find a design, but will run a few photos by my builder-in-chief, aka my husband, to see if he could do it without a specific pattern. If I could fly to Europe right now, I have no doubt I would find the perfect little stall....

As well, I came across another perfect plant for my apothecary garden, pot marigold or calendula, and found a design for it in the recent AIM on-line magazine. The advent calendars created by various mini groups are also an incredible how-to resource, I intend to bookmark the lot so I can go back and visit regularly. And I need to make some polymer clay food items, both requests from others and commissions, as well as things I'd like to try, but my fingertips are very rough at the moment, from all the paper-clay work I've been doing.

So off to rub emollient into my fingertips! Hopefully, I'll have some photos for you soon. And I hope to spend a day with two mini-friends next week, weather permitting, as two of us will have to travel for nearly two hours by car - no snow allowed, please....

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