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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Today's Work

New today, two birdhouses, the beginning of many roses, and some galvanised metal cache-pot containers. The tall birdhouse is a commercial unfinished one, the small one I cut down from a scrap of wood, both painted by me using a very fine brush, the end of a toothpick, and my fingers. The roses are made of paper circles (they still need leaves), and the flower containers are made from light-weight card, cut with decorative scissors, then punched with small paper punches and painted.They need a coat of varnish to strengthen them.

My younger daughter says that all flower shops are incredibly crowded, and she knows as she worked in one for several years. And this one will be crowded! Accessories will go on the shelf that will run below the roof all along the back wall, so lots of those are needed. I have quite a stash as I've been planning a flower shop for years, so there is lots to fill the place up with. However, I also need to make some items that are specifically shabby chic.

I may do a tutorial for my method of making roses, some day, if there appears to be interest. They are made with commercial paper in various closely related shades, and don't require specialised punches.

As you can see, the bay window is now in place, just waiting for the glazing to be installed, I hope to have it ready to show at our next FAME meeting, next Tuesday, although it definitely won't be filled as yet....

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  1. Que bonitas las casas de pájaros y esas macetas galvanizadas te han quedado muy realistas!!!