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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Display Window Roof Is Done

One of the things I wanted to try was a roof over the bay display window; I had planned to do a similar roof on my book vignette project, but it just wasn't going to work with the book spines. There are brass screws holding portions of the FAME project together, so doing a roof to cover them up seemed like a good idea.

As I am measurement-challenged, I tend to go with trial and error, so that is how this cereal box under-roof was designed. It is being supported by 3 wooden brackets inside the roof.

Because there is a slight gap between the top of the plastic window, and the top of the window frame, something was needed to mask that shortcoming (ha! that's a pun!). I've been playing with decorative scissors, so decided a verdigrised copper window surround might look good. Yes, I am very happy with that! It was made from manila file folder cardboard, and much paint. It is glued in place around the white top frame of the window.

This is the card roof; manila file folder with "rolled edges", cereal box cardboard strips for the copper strips, and more manila file folder for the corner peak flashing. The edge of the roof overlaps the edge of the decorative strip by about 1/8", or 3 mm.

And here is the painted, verdigrised copper roof. I need to do a tiny touch-up in one corner, I see. The paints used to create this effect include: a base coat of dark khaki, made by mixing dark brown and foliage green; then a dry-brushing with terra cotta paint to give the idea of weathered copper,
then a mottled layer of turquoise. This was followed by a mottled layer of lime green, created by mixing leaf green, light leaf green and turquoise. After that was sort of dry, I used a fan brush, quite dry, to add some streaks of metallic bronze acrylic. Over it all went a coat of whitewash, watered down, cheap dollar store white paint, brushed on from top to edge with a stiff bristly brush for a streaky effect. Once that was dry, I used my fingertip to dab and smear on bits of metallic bronze here and there, for copper shining through.

It's turned out just as I had hoped; the turquoise in the verdigris matches the turquoise of the door, and I still have a washed-out, chalky effect going. Well, that was my day....


  1. Has resuelto muy bien el tejado del escaparate y el rĂ³tulo de la tienda te ha quedado genial!!!

  2. The roof is fantastic, Marijke! Thank you so much for explaining the steps you took to make such a great-looking finished product. - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB, Canada