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Friday, 24 March 2017

FAME Project Roof with Progress Photos

So I described how I painted the card roof of the display window of my FAME club project; today, I painted the wooden roof of the structure. I began by gluing on thin wooden battens to represent the strips that hold the "copper" roof sheets in place, bringing them down over the front edge to give the illusion of applied copper sheeting rather than paint.

You can click on the photos to enlarge them, to see the detail. This is the dark khaki coat, which was then dry-brushed with terra cotta.

Here the turquoise and lime green blotching has been added; the raised areas of the roof pick up very nicely on the various paint colours. At this stage, things are already looking more like verdigrised copper than painted wood.

In this photo, the bronze metallic paint has been brushed on with a very dry brush; I love the way these effects come together! The original idea for this finish came from a Joann Swanson article in an old Nutshell News from 1995, but I adapted it for a more whitewashed look, to go better with the whole shabby chic ethos I have going on with this project.

And this is the end product, with the whitewash finish in place, dabbed and smudged with more of the bronze metallic paint. I'm now ready to do some chalk antiquing, but first, I have a commission to work on, to be ready for next weekend. As part of that, take a look at the before-and-after photos of a painted wooden "bean pot", that I hope to use as the basis for this commission:

I had originally intended, some years ago, to create an antique stoneware effect, but something put it off and it languished in my stash of stuff. It is a bit large for my flower shop, so I re-purposed it.

Again, please click to enlarge the photo to better see the detail. I have a number of aged brass flower containers in my house, complete with bits of verdigris and corrosion; I also see quite a bit of aged brass at my volunteer job, which involves museum accessioning, so it was fun to try and create an aged brass container. So here is my attempt to create one of these....

Now I have to see if it meets with the criterion of the commissioners of the project!


  1. I certainly like the results of your verdigris "copper roof" especially those little extra details of carrying the battens down over the edge and dry-brushing on the bronze- LOVE IT :D


  2. Thank you, Elizabeth. This project is teaching me a whole lot of new techniques.

  3. Everything looks amazing, Mom!

  4. Love the roof treatment and how you left an opening for peering inside. The pot is awesome, too!

    1. As I am not likely to electrify this vignette, Jodi, the light will come in via skylight. It will be covered with plexiglass.
      The opening was part of the original club design, done for us by Marilyn D. (see below).

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments, they are appreciated! I'm learning/teaching myself some new plant-making techniques. Stay tuned!

  6. It looks just as fabulous as I knew it would, coming from you, Marijke!! And yes - the pot looks fantastic too! I can hardly wait to see the finished product of both. - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB

  7. Aged brass is a lovely metal to work with as you have shown. Aged brass, or antique brass, is usually raw brass, or unfinished brass. The unfinished brass is usually toned down to a darker shade with the aid of chemicals to replicate the veneer and surface texture of aged brass. Gorgeous work! Thank you for sharing.