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Monday, 15 October 2012

Slate Roof Made from Cardboard

This is the cardboard "slate" roof of the Tudor Market Hall. As mentioned on The Camp, it is made from strips of cardboard from the back of a flip chart, as I like to have the strips the full width of the roof I am finishing. Half of them start with a full tile, the other with a half tile. This is only half of the roof; the front half with the ridge tiles is not on in this photo.

This is a close-up of the slate roof, to show the paint effects.

For fun, I included this donkey, a repainted  Dollar Store find that had the maddest staring eyes. This little donkey will get a medieval pack saddle and a load to support in the market hall setting. By the way, that is not a person on the side; my daughter is a costume designer, and this is one of her dummies. As you can see in the distance, I also quilt....


  1. This is so nice Marijke, I have been wanting to begin a blog as well but not for my miniatures but my stories. One of these days I will. I love your house and I am looking forward to see more. Hugs....Grace

  2. Love the roof! is there a tut for it somewhere? My grandkids are working on a rescued doll house and they would love to learn how to make this roof from cardboard. It really looks good!