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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Post Tropical Storm Sandy

We have weathered the storm, which gave us rainy weather since Sunday. It has been quite gloomy, and the lights have to be on pretty much all day. So far, all we've had is a brief blip with the power; we have electric heat, and an electric pump in our well, and cook with electricity, so no electricity puts us back to the dark ages for a while - for you city dwellers, that means we can't even flush the toilets. Today, we saw a bit of blue sky, but then the rolls of dark gray clouds flew in again. No horrible winds, thank heavens, but we did have a freakish thunder and lightning storm this morning at 2 a.m. Also, the security light in our driveway, which is motion-activated (we live in the country), came on and stayed on. I checked to see if the local deer herd was sheltering in front of the garage, but saw only flying leaves and buckets of rain.

Our house is filling up with Hallowe'en visitors, as our daughter and a couple of friends are hosting a gaming night, with a horror movie playing in the background. Already in the house are Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty (who is pregnant and can't zip her robe closed any more!), her husband the Jedi Knight, complete with a light saber I could really covet, complete with sound effects, and our daughter in her steampunk outfit. A Sailor Moon is expected, as well as ten or more other assorted costumes. These four costumes were designed and custom-made by my daughter.  My husband and I are hiding in the basement family room....

The last photo I had taken to share with you decided to turn itself sideways when I tried to move it out of its folder, so I will have to get my daughter to help tomorrow after the party is cleaned up, to try and get it right side up. If the sun comes out, I will do up another set of photos - there is a between-the-wars market setting with half a dozen stalls and customers, as well as all the food etc. for sale, that I made quite a few years ago. It has spent the Christmas period in the local public library for years, but now that I'm retired, it lives in a box. Pulling it out and dusting it off will be a good thing!

Hope this evening is a pleasant one, with only treats, no tricks.

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