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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Age Can Be Wonderful....

The Tudor House, like the Tudor Market, closes up completely. The narrow view is the actual front of the house, which stands on a corner, while the view with the door opens on the other street. The wider walls are the ones that come out. Currently, they are a straight friction fit, but I may have to come up with something else once I get the support brackets on under the eave beams.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I am off to Bangor, ME for the day with my daughter. It will be the last long trip before the winter hits. Given the weather in my neck of the woods, it's unlikely we'll be making any other long trips until April. On the list are visits to A.C. Moore's and Joanne's Fabrics, in the hope of scoring some mini supplies I can no longer get here. Her main goal is a visit to Hot Topix, a punky sort of clothing store heavily inspired by Japanese street fashions.

We are tidying up the garden in anticipation of Tropical Storm Sandy brushing by us on Monday....


  1. I have this house, or a very similar design, as a toy shop. I love the three differently sized floors which create such an interesting shape.

    1. Hi Janice, nice to "meet" you electonically. I really love this house, and it was fun to discover that Pamela Warner, who has written 4 fabulous miniature embroidery books, has the same house, which she has kitted out with her work from the Tudor book. Do great minds think alike? (hehe)