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Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Finished a Couple More Things

 This afternoon, Marilyn and I were working away at our miniatures for our weekly session via Skype, and I managed to finish last week's planter and plants, as well as finish a basic shabby chic bathroom shelf. I am happy with the way they turned out. The planter will go on the side wall of Floriana, my shabby chic flower shop, and the bathroom shelf will be dressed with odds and ends and go into my sales box. I think the shelf might have been an old CMHH item.

As there were some leaves left over of the arrowhead plant in the planter, I potted them up to place somewhere in Floriana; perhaps they will spur me on to make the Autumn window display!


  1. I love the wallpaper on the back of the shelf.

    1. That came from a small sample of papers I have had in my stash since I started nearly 25 years ago! It also came in cream on pink, but I liked the pink on cream version better.

  2. Han quedado genial las dos !!!