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Saturday, 12 January 2019

Some Things I Did Manage to Finish

The angel is made from a brass cone, with filigree wings I picked up at the Arnhem Dollhouse Expo some years ago, and a tiny jewelry ring for the halo. It stands 3.5 cm (1 3/8") tall. As the base of the cone is uneven, I will make a card underskirt to make it stand up better. It is intended for the Advent calendar project from Christmas 2017.

The candle display measures 4 cm in length (1 5/8"), made with lycopodium, gold beads,  red no-hole beads, paper holly leaves, and half scale candles; it will sit on the windowsill of the Advent calendar project. The smaller candles fit better within the general setting of the project than tall ones. This
project has to be finished within the next few months, as it will be delivered by hand sometime in the late spring, to my younger daughter, in southern Alberta. (That's several thousand km away!)

As all too often happens, I saw the perfect wall shelf on Pinterest recently, a Real Life one that would translate nicely to minis. Of course, I can't find it again! So I will have to rely on memory. It was a series of five small shelves in graduated sizes, on a green back panel, with Christmas decorations on each shelf. Should be fun to re-create, but much easier if I could find the original inspiration! There was an elf on the smallest, top shelf, and I think there may have been some tiny trees and putz houses on the shelves as well. I could always make a Noel sign out of alphabet macaroni....


  1. The NOEL sign from macaroni should be a fun project, but I know the frustration of not being able to located a particular pin on Pinterest, but good luck anyway with your new Christmas shelf project! :D

  2. Eso de no encontrar lo que necesitas en el momento adecuado,nos pasa a todas,es frustrante verdad? pero estoy segura que lo recrearás y podrás colocar esas bonitas piezas!

  3. I pretty much hate Pinterest because so many Google image searches these days lead to it, and then it can be hard to find the actual source of the images people have pinned. Images that someone posted years ago on their blog but have since deleted still show up when people have pinned them. It's a nightmare if you're trying to find original artists to give them credit, etc.