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Friday, 11 January 2019

Some Other Bits of the Group Project

I'm going to keep it a secret until we are further along, but we are mainly following instructions from one of the European magazines. I have more small bits to create to add to the scene; the other participants are doing other pieces of it. Eventually, to finish the project off, we will likely have a workday in which we are all going to be working on the same things.

The table base is an old one, re-purposed for this project and provided with a new, old-looking and rough top; it is made of spruce, stained in golden oak and then liberally gone over with antiquing gel.
I still have to put a knob on the drawer. The binoculars were made over a pair of dowel forms, the candle holder is a popped jeans rivet (I think), and the mug is recipe card cardboard. I still need to dirty that up some more.

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