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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Finished Lady's Mantle in Tub

This morning, just before lunch, this is what I had accomplished: the four elements of the arrangement for the lady's mantle plant, prior to planting. And of course, the painted tub.

And here is the finished product, photographed in front of the as yet unfurnished Tudor Apothecary Workshop and Shop. (The shop front is temporarily missing, as it is being repaired.) The plant and its tub stand just a little over 4 cm high (less than 2").

To this point, I have made velvet-leaf mullein, foxgloves, echinacea, lily of the valley, pot marigolds, St. John's Wort, hellebores, and opium poppies, besides the lady's mantle. The flowers and berries for a belladonna plant are ready to be made up into a bush. And I am thinking out the way to make a lungwort plant; these have large spotted leaves, and tiny pink and blue flowers on them, good colour for the apothecary garden.

This is not the side of the building the garden will go on, but I wanted to have them "sort of" in place. There are many more yet to come....

Now I have to go back to my complicated Real Life embroidery, in which I made a mistake that may require lots of pulling out stitches to repair. Such is life!


  1. Oh they are all so lovely! So is that building! Since I can't find any tags or labels to seek posts on my own, please post more photos of the building, and if you're feeling very ambitious, a Search This Blog button! :O)

    1. Jodi, I started the project in November 2013, and there are lots of progress photos. I really would like to learn how to do Search This Blog, will see if one of my daughter's friends can help me learn how to do this. It is a great building, now it needs furnishing; however, other projects keep getting in the way!

    2. Well at least I have a date to start on! I am looking forward to reading about the project!
      Blogspot has so many different blog templates, I probably can't be very helpful with yours, but I am sure your daughters friends can get that added for you pretty quickly.
      Keep the posts coming! I am enjoying all the progress!

  2. WONDERFUL results!!!
    Your Lady's Mantle is SUPERB! but so is the MULLEIN which is not something one sees very often in a miniature garden.
    Every year there are wild Mullein plants which grow across the street on the public boulevard. Some grow to towering heights while others are more restrained and top out at about 3 1/2feet, however I have never seen any which are as Enchantingly to look at as yours are!
    I can see that your apothecary garden is going to be Absolutely Amazing and I am totally captivated by ALL that you've done! :D


  3. Thank you for your kind comments! It's a challenge finding plants suitable for a Tudor era apothecary garden, and I certainly won't be able to reproduce a sufficient number, but it is an awful lot of fun trying to make as many as possible. The mullein started out as a kit from The Miniature Gardener, but as I had a number of the punches, I made some more. I still have to give them leaves, though. They have to be hand-cut...

  4. Wow! What an amazing job you have done with the Lady's Mantle! it looks fantastic! As do the other "Apothecary" plants! This is such a wonderful project! You are really going the extra mile for detailed precision! It will be wonderful to see the garden all laid out Tudor style!

  5. Un maravilloso resultado,te quedó tan realista!!!!

  6. Gorgeous. I especially love the brick and those beautiful windows on the building.

  7. Your work is so beautiful and meticulous! Sorry I don't think to comment on it.