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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Tuesday's Work

I spent  yesterday morning making printed scrap booking cardboard flower pots with rims, and then the afternoon and evening in making the tiny succulent plants to go into them. You can see them in the corner shelf unit, and the odd one scattered here and there, in the photo below.

This was also the try-out of the FAME club project, minus the front display window etc., to see what I needed to make. There are a couple of gaps, most noticeably the wall area; however, I don't have the time to make a shelf and a wall planter, so I will put a temporary something in there.

Today, I made a crocus arrangement, a grape hyacinth arrangement, and an Easter arrangement to go into the display window. These will fill some of the gaps, but I would like to make a hyacinth basket arrangement as well; however, it will have to wait until much later in April.

There are two tall plants in front of a white shutter between the tables and the corner unit; I will have to raise them up a bit temporarily, to fill a little of that back wall space. I think there will be enough to display this project as a "Work in Progress" - still to come are a couple of buckets of roses in yellow and salmon. Now I am going to take everything out of here and make a hole to hang a wind chime so it will be visible from the shop window.

I hope to stick everything in place for travel tomorrow afternoon, after a slightly truncated work day. We head out to the show bright and early on Friday....


  1. It's looking beautiful Marijke. How about a short, blue-grey shutter leaning up against the wall behind the dome? I think the dome would stand out better with something behind it. I LOVE your little pots of succulents. Perfect! - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB, Canada

  2. It is starting to fill up a lot! When considering what to put on the wall, maybe think of the things that are on florist shop walls - posters of floral arrangements that people can have made up, or maybe just cutesy signs or framed prints of landscapes with lots of flowers. You could change those out seasonally, like the window displays, if you like.

  3. Here's a few things to maybe inspire you: (cutesy signs and a fancy clock) (framed prints) (mirrors and framed prints)

    Just a thought. You can take it or leave it. :)

  4. Muy buenos los avances , sus plantas son divinas:-)

  5. Hello Marijke,
    It is beautiful. your plants and flowers are very well done and realistic. It is turning into a wonderful shop. I can't wait to see the wind chimes.
    Big hug

  6. Preciosas las nuevas plantas y macetas,la tienda va a estar muy bien surtida!!!!!

  7. Each and every arrangement is a wonder to marvel at! I bet it's even more fantastic in person!

  8. Thank you all very much for your comments. I will take a photo when I get back from the show - I did a few more things today (Thursday) and managed to glue everything down. Hopefully, it will transport without too much trouble. I'll let you know.

  9. This project is looking Amazing! You are doing an awesome job with all the flowers and arrangements! I hope you have fun at the show!