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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Back to the Japanese Vignette

The show in Halifax was fun, which is a good thing because sales didn't really cover expenses. It was good to reconnect with some people I hadn't seen since last Fall or since 2015.

The shabby chic flower shop survived the trip very nicely. Although I still haven't found the 8 tiny rare earth magnets I hoped to use to keep the store front in place, double-sided tape helped for the show. Transport was a breeze, as I stuck everything down on acetate overlays on the various surfaces, with small and micro-size glue dots. A loosely bundled pile of gift-wrap tissue kept the furniture from sliding around during travel - the roads here are generally very bad, full of holes and bumps, at the end of winter.

The items on the tables and shelf were stuck to cut-to-size pieces of acetate from packaging, which makes it very simple to pull all the items on a particular surface off for replacement, for example. The entire front window display, coloured "floor" and all comes out ready to replaced with other seasonal displays.

The shop as it looked at the show. The light green border on the outside edges is the colour I'm using to paint the sides and back of the Japanese vignette, a soothing wasabi mustard sort of green.

The interior of the shop, with some grape hyacinths on the left to add a bit of colour to that area. The painting and shutter on the back wall were hiding the fact that I still have to add some interest to the middle of this floral shop composition, not to mention the currently blank side walls. You can enlarge the photo for a better view. The acetate sheet is virtually invisible.

I took a separate photo of the window display; the crocuses in the white "tin" planter and the Easter arrangement were among the three things I put together at the last minute - Thursday evening saw me making the Easter eggs (polymer clay) just before packing everything up. Yes, that is masking tape hanging off the left side, in the absence of the magnets I am using that to keep the front on so the cat won't be tempted to pull things out of the shop to play with....

In an hour I get to put the second coat of green paint on the Japanese vignette; then it can dry overnight and tomorrow will, hopefully, see cherry-wood stained stripwood over all the narrow MDF edges. Hopefully, using the same stain as on the house and gate will unify the piece.


  1. Preciosa la fachas, el escaparate es fantástico.Feliz semana:-)

  2. Oh, Marijke - how I wish I had 1/4 of your talent! This looks so beautiful! I like that you changed out the white shutter for one with a little colour so it shows up better against the white wall. All of these little touches set the scene so beautifully! - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB, Canada

  3. Hi Mom,

    I can get 1/4" diameter neodymium magnets at the Michaels' in Edmonton. Do you want me to pick some up for you when I'm there next Saturday?

  4. Your flower shop is Beautiful Marijke and I am Very Glad that you had FUN at the show! I am certain that everyone else who attended it in Montreal would have had Great Pleasure in seeing your shop in person too!
    I particularly like All of your floral arrangements in the front window - Very Very Pretty! :))


  5. Hello Marijke,
    I am happy you had a good time at the show. Your shop is truly wonderful. Every time I look at your work, I find more layers of detail.
    Big hug