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Friday, 28 April 2017

Stuff Everywhere....

Landscaping takes time. You can only do a small area at a time, fitting components of the landscape in place, deciding if they work that way, drawing around them so you know where the grass grows, and then the inevitable waiting for a thick application of tacky glue to dry so you can brush off the excess of that darn staticky foam that gets everywhere.

One small corner is more or less done, with voids for where other elements of the design will go. I painted up some very good plastic fern fronds I acquired years ago, and sponged and painted them to look like Japanese painted ferns. I have some of these in my garden, right outside the window beyond my work area, and every year I kind of hold my breath in the hope that they've survived yet another Canadian Maritime winter and its snowloads.

It's a mess! Bits of plastic greenery, paper leaves and flowers being prepared, pieces of styrofoam balls here and there, and I haven't photographed the mess on the floor around my work area; boxes and bags of landscaping materials. In the foam block hosta leaves and variegated iris foliage are drying; I have to figure out how I am going to place these in the base. It will likely involve drilling holes in the MDF and bundling leaves into clusters tied with fine gauge beading wire. The little yellow container is full of printed hosta leaves ready to plant around the front corners of the vignette.

And by the way, there is a snowshoe hare sitting on my lawn, just beyond the trees of the empty lot next doors, chewing at leaves or grass or something. It is partly still white, although the more normal brown summer colour is coming through....

It's the white thing on the grass at the edge of the path....


  1. Although landscaping IS a messy job, you are doing a beautiful job of developing your Japanese garden!
    Love seeing the wild hare at the end of the garden path. Seeing wildlife is always a pleasure, especially from a distance. ;P

  2. This hare sticks around all year, sometimes sitting just a few metres from us when we are at the picnic table. Very bold little fellow!

    1. So in other words, he's hare today but gone tomorrow! ;P

    2. You crack me up, Elizabeth! - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB, Canada

  3. Ha Elizabeth! He/she was back later last night with a bunny friend; they were jumping over top of one another - maybe that's where "madder than a March hare" comes from? Although in the Maritimes, that's more like an April/May hare....