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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Finished UFO

By temporarily withdrawing from a bunch of my usual activities, I hope to catch up a bit on the multitudinous UnFinished Objects I have sitting around the house, in all my hobbies, not just miniatures. (Quilting, embroidery, knitting and dolls' couture, among others; I have mentioned that I seem to have too many hobbies.)

Yesterday, I dug through my box of kits never done, and pulled out a potting table I purchased at Camp MiniHaHa back in 2009.

The bits and pieces, along with the instructions, are pictured above. I did make a few tiny changes, using thicker wood for the peg board, for example; that's the piece across the picket fence edge of the table. The peg are rather closely spaced, so I don't think they could be used to hang much other than potting tools, in which case the pegs are rather long. The shelves at the left are somewhat narrower than their supports, and are made of craft stick pieces. One of them is somewhat warped, not unusual for craft sticks, so I decided to add some tiny shelf supports to strengthen the structure.

And here is the finished item, photographed in the space for the garden of the UFO Japanese vignette.
I haven't decided yet whether I want to paint or stain the potting bench, as I really don't have a place in mind for it, and besides, I already own a perfectly nice potting bench, complete with pots, packages, watering can, dead plants and the like. This piece may end up in my Shop in a Box....

So that's that. Another item done. Now I'll go find something else to finish up. And with three kids, now all adults, there is a huge box of Lego blocks etc. to sort through; I intend to make up all the kits they got over the years, and store the pieces that way. By the way, there may be a one-off Lego and minis story one of these days....


  1. The potting bench turned out Really well!
    A Good way to anticipate the far away Spring by building something which will contain plants and flowers. ; P


  2. Marijke: The potting bench looks great! Send me a picture when you've stained or painted it and I think you can check off another Bingo square! - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB