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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Bamboo Garden in Place

The bamboo bed has been edged in bamboo and has its dirt in place. The scruffy cat I picked up some years ago is seeing if he wants to live here, but I think I may need a cat asleep in the sun, rather than this one who is seeing something no one else can see.

I also dug out my stone lantern that I purchased years ago, with a view to giving it a spot in the garden eventually, perhaps lighting the path and set on a base of some kind. I still have to think about that one!

The garden is a piece of floral foam, glued to a mat board base and two mat board sides, then strips of old bamboo blind are added. The dirt is tea leaves. The stones under the step up have been swept, and I am pleased with how well they embedded themselves in the tacky glue.

Next up, I have to design the faux door to fit in the frame, and then to make it. After that is done, it will be on to the gate. I really want this vignette done, so I can go on to another unfinished project. With the step and the bamboo bed in place, there really isn't that much space that needs landscaping.
There is still the path to be made, that will take up space, and the gate into the garden will also demand its share of the floor surface. The gate is set at the same angle as the "house", so there will also be a small stretch of sidewalk, as well as a couple of walls and hedges.

If I can only keep the momentum going....

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  1. Looking great, Marijke! I can hardly wait to see it in person on Wednesday! - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB, Canada